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Listed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs as one of the top sightseeing guides in New York City, here's what people are saying about Roseanne's tour guiding (all quoted from online reviews of On Location Tours' NYC TV & Movie Tour):


"Roseanne is an awesome tour guide, making the entire experience both enjoyable and memorable.  She is extremely knowledgeable and uses her talent and sense of humor to full advantage.  I think Roseanne sets the standard by which all tour guides should be measured."

- Male, Domestic Tourist


"Our tour guide, Roseanne, was outstanding!  Her knowledge of NYC was just amazing.  There were points of interest for every age group.  And, I don't think there was one question she couldn't answer."

- Male, Domestic Tourist 


"Roseanne was our tour guide and I can 100% say she knew everything there was to know.  The tour itself was excellent...but best of all was Roseanne.  Not only was she informative but her wicked personality just made the tour."

- Female, International Tourist


"Roseanne not only had the information and trivia you would expect...she is just a really fun, enjoyable person to spend an afternoon with.

- Female, Domestic Tourist

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