I'm a Native New Yorker who has lived in the same building in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan my entire life. Sure, I went away to college (Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, where I got a music degree in vocal performance) and stayed away for a few years (sang with Chicago Symphony Chorus, played Maria Elena Santiago, Buddy Holly's wife, in Buddy...The Buddy Holly Story, at the Apollo Theater in Chicago for 6 months) - even made my way out West to San Diego (where I sang with the San Diego Opera Chorus and played one of my favorite roles to date, The Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd), but soon found my way back home to NYC, and home is where I'm staying. I'm a mom, an actor, a singer, a tour guide, a health coach, and a hand model. To me, it's all one big happy amalgam of a life and a career.

People often marvel at how I'm able to do it all (VP of the PTA at my daughter's school, Director of the talent show at my son's school - all while rehearsing for a new play or shooting a new short film, not to mention the constant hustle of auditions, one-day commercial jobs, and dealing with "day jobs"), but I'll be honest, I. LOVE. IT. I thrive on a full schedule. I absolutely LOVE being Upper East Side SuperMom and then letting it all hang out on the stage at night, or on camera on set, where I get to play some truly incredible characters.

Most recently, I've been working on short films, a couple of which have won awards (Best Comedy, I won for Best Actress, Best Picture...) for a series of iPhone Film Festivals (perfect that my awards have been for playing the worst mom ever!). Last year, I got to play a Nuyorican "espiritista" from the Logwood section of the South Bronx in
Comida de Puta (F&%king Lousy Food). Before that, I played Frida Kahlo and two other fiery Latinas in Tres Vidas, a two-hour bi-lingual one-woman show with six musical numbers. I participated in a reading of Basquiat the Musical playing Aninna Nosei, Basquiat's first art Dealer. These women that I play are such intense characters (including accents from the Bronx, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina and Italy) that it is the ultimate in artistic expression.

And honestly, what could be better acting training than being the mom of two young children? Talk about improv! My training at Gotham City Improv provided one level of that, but then my kids provide a whole new level!

I'm also very lucky to have two day jobs that I am so extremely passionate about: tour guiding and health coaching. One is about my beloved city & the other allows me to reach people where it matters most for them. I actually think of my acting, singing and even my tour guiding as different types of health coaching as I sincerely hope to help people along their healing path through all the mediums in which I work (...sure, even hand modeling...why not?). And at the end of the day (or the show or the run), I'm devoted wife and busy mom, my most beloved roles to date. As they say, ask a busy person and it'll get done, and in my case, with great passion and commitment (and great hands)!